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25 Jul 2016Video on IPNI Global Maize Initiative in India

The Global Maize project is an interdisciplinary, international research effort with an overall objective of creating local, ecological intensification (EI) practices for maize production that increase yields at a faster pace than current farmer practices. IPNI South Asia Program staff developed a video on the Global Maize Project in India. This video highlights the scientific interventions of the Global Maize project in India.

16 Feb 2016National Seminar on Soil Health Management and Food Security: Role of Soil Science Research and Education

Dr. Sudarshan Dutta, Deputy Director, IPNI South Asia, and the Indian Society of Soil Science Kolkata Chapter jointly organized the National Seminar on "Soil Health Management and Food Security: Role of Soil Science Research and Education," held in Kolkata, October 8-10. The successful event, which coincides with the 2015 International Year of Soils, featured 13 distinguished speakers and nearly 200 participants including scientists, extension professionals, industry agronomists, and farmers.

31 Aug 2015Wheat farmers in West Bengal increased yield and farm profit using innovative fertilizer decision support tool

Nutrient Expert® is a computer based fertilizer decision support tool that provides balanced fertilizer recommendations in the absence of soil test information. Nutrient Expert® for Wheat (NE – W) helps wheat farmers to follow the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Principles of applying the right source of nutrient, at the right rate, at the right time and at the right place.

29 Jun 2015Nutrient Management in Indian Agriculture with Special Reference to Nutrient Mining — A Relook

The necessity of increasing food production to meet the demand of the ever-increasing population in India hardly requires any over-emphasis. Estimates suggest that at the current level of production (263 million tonne, Mt), an additional 5 Mt food grain has to be added each year to the national food basket for the next decade or so to feed the increasing population.