Fertiliser Best Management Practices- Concept, Global Perspectives and Application

The greatest challenge facing mankind in the coming decades is to produce the basic necessities of food, feed, fuel and raw materials from limited land area. Increasing food demand from limited land resources in the coming decades would require increased use of fertilisers. This will require application of proven scientific principles of nutrient management that ensures improved productivity of crops per unit area without adding to environmental concerns. The Fertiliser Best Management Practices (FBMPs), defined as practices which have been proven in research and tested through farmer implementation to give optimum production potential, input efficiency and environmental protection, provides a set of guidelines of overall crop nutrient management that addresses the sustainability issues. The recently developed “4R Nutrient Stewardship” concept has been proposed as definite scientific principles based on FBMPs that can help towards an inclusive social, economic and environmental sustainability of production systems.

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